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Quarantined Holiday Season

5 Activities for an Amazing Quarantined Holiday Season We all will probably watch Christmas movies, or our favorite TV shows, maybe play some video games, which are all awesome things to do. Pop some popcorn, make hot chocolate with marshmallows. It’s hard to go wrong! Allison over at Celebrating Sweets has an amazing Nutella hot chocolate that we love! Also, this homemade marshmallow recipe from Smitten Kitchen is where it’s at. Now that we got some food options listed let me share some non-food options that we do with G that are wonderful too! (Plus, it pulls us away from those screens!) Here are some ideas to make a quarantined Christmas and holiday season a little bit more fun, a tad brighter, and way more memorable. Below are simple yet fun activities for all ages of kids.

1) Go check out KiwiCo! They have so many awesome activities for all ages. All of their kits are educational, fun, and age-appropriate. You can even purchase their kits a la cart now! Check out lipglossandcrayons, who recently talked about them! We have used their kits in the past and have loved them! I think I’m going to order some more for G for Christmas. We love the memories we make together as we go through these kits. 2) If your kid is more into the artsy fun, go grab some cheap craft kits from Target’s dollar spot! They range in price from $1-$5 and always keep G busy. She seriously loves them! I got G a ceramic handprint, ornament kit, and a painting activity as well. All were big hits for us! They also have tons of coloring books, and they even had a coloring table cloth during Thanksgiving! It was perfect for a “kid’s table” during thanksgiving dinner. You might want to keep that in mind for next year or for Christmas!

3) Maybe your kid needs to be more active! Maybe they love running around a little bit more than sitting down and doing an activity. Try creating a mini winter olympics for the kids to do. Create fun little games where they can earn points, then when New Year hits, whoever has the most points wins. Some game ideas would be

  • Hug-a-Balloon Relay.

  • Backwards Race.

  • Tug of War.

  • Egg Race.

  • Balloon between the Knees Race.

  • Balloon Volleyball.

  • Discus Throwing.

  • Bean Bag Toss

You can even create a little trophy for them or find something at the Target dollar spot. Who knows, it may become a family tradition. Remember everyone can be a winner. Keep it fun and light-hearted.

4) Let’s not forget about the season of baking! I know I said I was done talking about food but hey 'tis the season for baked goods! Head over to Jenny's page the Picky Palate for some fun, easy, friendly recipes to bake with your child. She also has Disney copycat recipes! Jenny's Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Man Cookies are the absolute best and easy to make. What kid doesn’t like to decorate cookies and enjoy some sweets? Decorate and enjoy! 5) Some other great options to help with the quarantine spirit, have family build nights. We love Lego's in this house. Check out my link for some of our favorite sets. Lego has amazing mini figure sets, which are great for kids! G loves them! Plus, it encourages imagination, problem-solving, and thinking skills. These are just some of the many things to help brighten your child’s Christmas spirit during a quarantined Christmas. For more fun ideas, keep coming back and checking in. This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through them helps support this website. This post may also contain items gifted for consideration.

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